"Pebble Nite" Parties

Want a twist on Craft Events or social parties? Try She-Rock "Pebble Nite" TM parties with your friends. Book what ever time works for you, as all times are customizable for you and your groups needs!

  • Team Building events!
  • Girls Nite out!
  • Monthly Pot luck events!
  • Baby Groups
  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Art and Craft Gatherings!

    It is a great way to see what creativity lies in each of us. I'll help get everyone thinking about what perfect picture is ready to be made. I'll even help with the setting stones if needed. We get to socialize, build and finalize our art all together. With different pebbles and other natural materials that will be brought to you, you can then customize every single piece within the group setting as a "one-of a kind" art. Art that is worthy to hang on a wall, shelf or on a mantle. Because every one gets to take theirs home with them.

    So, ask your group of friends or coworkers, find out who wants to buy in and for what date & time, find out if they want black or white frames. Determine the size of group and where you want to have the event, what food or drink event you want. I'll simply show up and set up and entertain your group for the main event!

      I supply all the rocks, pebbles, drift wood, shells, shale, the glue adhesive and the frames (guests chose white or black before the party).

    When you have a finalized date and time for your group, provide a list of interested people and their choice colour and send me their details by e-mail. You may collect money for them and pay in a lump sum or send each person to send their money to She-Rock@live.ca by e-mail transfer. If they prefer to choose other secured payment options, I can have them pay through our secure Shopify website.

    She-Rock all set up in a clients house for Girls Night out. Additional Pebble art on sale made by Karen

    Now....May all the pebble art shenanigans begin!!.

    Party sizes: are from 5-14 people. Smaller groups are possible. Ask for details.

    Host Discounts Available: Book a group of 8 people, the host gets theirs at 25$. Book a full 14 people and the host gets thier art for Free!

    Return hosts or referrals can also get discounts too!