• $95.00

Booking fee: 95$/person ( 5 Person minimum. Maximum of 12). Extra guests can be accommodated and based on space provided. Additional fees may apply. Any parties outside Calgary may have an extra fee, depending on travel time/distance.

This will provide each person with Shadow box frame square (23*23cm"), supplies to make pebble art and the adhesives. All pebble art created will be created under the She-Rock label, part of the "Pebble Nite" theme, unless otherwise specified. 

-Oversized Size Frame: 50cm*50cm SQUARE SHADOW BOX

(White Matte Frame reduces art to 30cm*30cm maximum size)

-Colour Frame: black only, plastic insert (non-breakable)

Smaller frames are available at reduced cost.

-Simply Book: Your day and time. Gather your people and pick the venue style and make the table space to craft. Why not make it a potluck, or a wine and cheese event. Day or night. 

-Includes: Pebbles, Frames, Adhesive, Working Placemats, frame templates, use of the She-Rock aprons. Plus Up to 4hrs of guidance, help or assistance with making pebble art. 

-Disclaimer: Pictures will be taken at these events and will be shared with She-Rock to be used on the website or social media, or shared with other members of the booking party, unless otherwise arranged.

Enjoy Creating your own Pebble Art which is special to hang at home or share as a gift!!!


Owner and Designer