Rock Renovations

Rock and Fossil Renovation work

If you are looking for a project that is both beautiful, unique and even geological, I can help you out. I have lots of experience working with fossils and have done renovation projects on all scales. I have access some of the best fossils and samples and can consult with contractors or even undertake the renovation project myself. This would achieve a unique wall or design feature. From fossils being displayed in a backsplash, fireplaces, or even imbedded in a concrete floor pour. I can design and deliver a masterpiece.

Above is an example of a project that displayed Green River Fish Fossils Imbedded in a fossiliferous Limestone Fireplace. These Knightia Eoceana and Diplomystus dentatus fossils were all hand selected, split open, then layed out in a mosaic, sealed and placed in a way that highlights the beautiful preservation of these fish in their final resting place in these lake bed deposits.

Only ~50 Million years ago.

They were set purposefully spaced out and made to look like they existed in a paleontological cast

Also when it comes to creative solutions working with contractors like concrete floors, I have some tricks to help place the fossils an make them look natural and geological.

Along with the Ammonite Fossil which was set in this 5" in-floor heated concrete pour, these natural pockets that resulted from air trapped against the mould, were not seen as negative but incorporated into the design and then accented with Pyrite and Quartz crystals to make it look like crystallization in place. All back light with LED lights and covered with glass railings highlight the feature fossils and vugs.


All designed, selected, inlayed and worked by Karen