Tyndall Stone Mountain Scape Barn Art

  • $40.00

These are hand made with working the rock, sanding the rock and mounting it on repurposed fence barn boards. Often a Dolomite sun is used to show the Mountain Scape art. Wall mount or sit on a bookshelf. 

Tyndall Stone is from the Gillis Quarry in Southern Manitoba, Canada.   It is the only known source in the world for this beautiful beige stone. Used mainly for building material and decorative home décor.

It is a Geological Wonder!

~450 Million years old. It consists of Limestone, which is Ordovician in age, from the Red River Formation.  At the time the sediments were deposited, it was in the setting of an ancient shallow sea.

This light coloured rock shows branches of burrows or trace fossils of those past sea creatures burrowing in the sediment of the old seabed.  Visible organisms, such as corals, sponges, gastropods, trilobites and algae can also preserved in this soft, limey, muddy rock.