Adding Inventory and more Inventory...

Posted by Karen Bradshaw on

It has been almost a full two weeks of trying to get my online store to the point where I have the structure of what I want to sell, how i want it to look and getting almost 70%of my items in to the store. Now I have been working through finding those photos, matching my current software inventory, doing my tax prep work and really just not sleeping. Plus just got my tent delivered, my new business cards, my banner and more stuff to get ready for making more this year.

The hope is that by end of this year I can drop my current provider of my website, hijack my domain and attach it to the store directly. In theory it is easy, but I am testing to see that the online store "website" can display all the things I currently have and put into my website I have had up and running since 2008. It's a process.

My favorite part about the online store has been adding a section on Rock Renovations. I have always had a hand in renovation work and I finally got to marry the rocks with renovations this last summer on our own renovation. I could not be happier with my work and the final product.My two kids are happy they have fish to look at without having to feed them.

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