Stone Bookends_Various Sizes and Shapes

  • $45.00

Bookends made from various stones. Cut and polished and sealed for your books shelves, or decorative shelfs.


Rainforest Brown Marble is a beautiful serpentine marble from Rajasthan, India. It is sometimes called Rainforest Brown Granite, but it is not a Granite. However,  this rock has undergone lots of changes as it is a metamorphic Limestone

It has unique shades of brown, yellow and gray with unique deep reddish brown wavy features and sometimes can have accents of white intrusive veins and small holes known as vugs.

Granite is a Intrusive Volcanic Rock, which often forms deep underground when molten rock cools slowly. The composition of Granite are usually made up of three essential minerals, Alkali Feldspar, Quartz and Plagioclase.

 These minerals occur in different proportions and can give way to different looking granites. Variability's such as color, grain size, texture and internal structure may vary its appearance. Along with additional minerals such as micas, pyrite, hornblende, hematite, zircon, garnet, corundum can also exist in smaller amounts, to give the granite a salt and pepper look, and can create its unique art like variances.

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