Rock Art: Layered Slate Mountainscape White Framed Art 8*10"

  • $45.00

Wall hanging apparatus or sit on a shelf.

Slate: is believed to be from quarries in the Rajasthan area in Northern India. Home to some of the most colourful and interesting decorative building stones in the world.

As this slate is found near to the Himalayan mountain region, complex geological history is part of this rock’s history. It is unknown the exact age of these Slates, but they have been exposed to low grade metamorphism possibly through convergence of plate boundaries. They are believed to have originated from a sedimentary basin with possible volcanic ash mineralogy mixed in. They show mineralogical variability and in turn changes in hardness across each tile.

With rocks displaying a commonly fine grained, foliated and almost a “soupy clay” behavior.

It is a Geological Masterpiece!

Note: White painted frames. Slate Colours and details vary throughout each art.

Two sizes 8*10" or 11*16", with two or three layers. Can be hung on a wall or rest on a shelf or mantle