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Karen created She-Rock and She-Rock Canada in late 2008. With her Professional Geology degree and years of work as Geologist in Calgary.  Her love of rocks has kicked off a new passion for wearing her rocks.   

“SHE” (being a female Geologist) + “ROCK” Her love for geology and the rocks that she incorporates into her life, fashion, passion and her business.

So, for the love of Rocks!! She-Rock was born.

Karen travels the world with her Geologist knowledge, to find and select her rocks to create her one of a kind "Rock-lines". Blending these stones in order make jewellery she would wear, but also has started to provide other items like bookmarks, wine charms, coasters, pebble-art and other home décor items which can warm the home. She has designed and created stone clothing and custom jewellery for wedding parties, special events, auctions, customer appreciation or awards and even families mementos.
Starting with just rocks and making them into one of a kind “rock art”.