Custom "BABY/KIDS" Pebble Art 40$

  • $40.00

BABY & KIDS Framed pebble Art: Great and fun geological gifts for people who want to commemorate the new arrival or their kids while they are young, or while the family is still growing.  All can be incorporated in. Great for gifts for weddings where kids are involved or birthdays, reunions, even anniversary's. You can capture any milestones. Footprints, baby wrapped in your arms, kids by our sides or siblings hanging out. What ever motif you want. All the pebbles are local and many have interesting geological origin and features. 

Black or White Square-Shadow  Box Fames

23cm*23cm or 13*13cm inside a Matte

All orders are customizable! Orders are made upon request. Stones and pebbles vary from pictures.

Free Delivery only within Calgary.