Key Cards & Neck Lanyard Custom Orders

Work at a job where you might need your keycard on your self. This is why She-Rock has found a way to add some unique stone elements to your carrier of your work keycard.

Key cards:

Or Need an Around the neck card lanyards? These are perfect if you don't have pockets but need a place to hang your keys or security cards. These are all customizable lanyards where the customer picks the stones and the rest of the elements to showcase how these one of a kind lanyards, wears like jewelry.

Just pick your stone, your style of chain, length and your clasps style and colour. Can easily make each one custom for you. Each Lanyard is priced out before you choose.

Key Card or Lanyard Office Lunch Party!!

Just book Karen to come to your office over a lunch or after work and She will bring all her lanyard stones with her. You can simply customize your order as a group. Pay individually, but soon all those orders will be made and delivered to your group by She-Rock. Book your event today.