Custom Jewelry and "Rock-line" Sets

As a Geologist and an artist, I find pleasure in creating beautifully unique jewelry pieces that display all the distinct minerals that make up those stones. The more unique and imperfect the better. Often I am drawn to geologically complicated looking stones. I love turning these rocks and stones into one of a kind rock-lines that can be combined to make Statement Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets and as a package set.


Orange Quartz and Granite for a Special Christmas Outfit

Custom Purple Marble and Ammonite Bead Double chain for a Gala.

Teal Aquamarine with Multiple Stones and matching earrings for TV appearances.

I work with various clients to create the colour, feel and look they are desiring. While getting a bit of understanding about their stones. A custom set you will own forever!  Because these rocks will outlive us all!

Pink Calcedony and Pink Quartz stack necklace and matching earrings for a Thailand Destination Beach Wedding.

Bronzite Antique set for Dress up at Christmas Gala