Rock Awards, Rock Clocks and Rock Coasters & Candle Holders


Mountain Scape :Self Standing 4 Layer Awards


12" Metamorphic Clocks


Looking for something geologically unique for either a gift or an award. They can be customized with your logo, or your type of rock. (Above) These clocks are made from beautiful metamorphic Phyllite Slabs that have iron rich banding throughout. They are  ~12*12" and can be displayed anywhere in your house or office.  How about for an Anniversary or Special event, they can be made to order. Rocks are perfect and natural. Internal structures and mineral features on full display. Have a favorite rock or fossil? I can help source or make your favorite rock into a clock too.

Note: Clock mechanisms are changeable, rock type is changeable, the size of clock is changeable. Even the layout is changeable. Customize it!

Rock-Clocks can be inserts, or UV printed /etched.

Customize your today:

Price depends on the amount of rock, the amount of printing or plaque work, amount of cutting or shaping of the rock and the format of displaying or shipping the clocks.

All Rock-Clocks are priced out just for your needs.

Or if you want a clock insert or candle holder. That can be customized too. We can customize for your wedding, special gala, volunteer awards or even party favors. What ever your needs may be. Rocks Rock!


Rock coasters come in Sets of 4. Pick from a selection of Rock-Coasters that are perfect for those that don't want anything too big, but love the look of rocks. These are solid stone, various weights and beauty. Slate, Granites, Marble, Travertines or Dolomites.

All coasters and Candle Holders have cork anti-slip, non-scratching pads on the bottom. 

If you want to personalize or customize your coasters. UV printing and etching is also available to add logos, sayings or even pictures a coaster set. 

Coaster colour and size may vary slightly within the set.



Wedding or Special events. Want your guest to have a little rock to take away. Why not a "Rock or Stone" theme? Stampede humour? These Rock-Favors can be made to order in what ever quantity you need. Decorative Packaging can be arranged too. Get a quote today!